What Would Happen If We Took Away Fear?

If you could take one word out of your vocabulary what would it be? Have you ever wondered what would happen if we took away fear? I watched a lecture recently by Caroline Myss who is a medical intuitive, spiritual advisor, and inspirational speaker. She is very no nonsense and my first thought was that she’s quite

How I Am Finding A Way Out Of My Darkness

As I sit here writing this I finally feel as though I am coming out of what was a very rough week for me. I had yet another setback with regards to my back and I felt completely lost, alone, helpless and depressed. I spent days in bed under the covers unwilling to even take

New Moon Intention Setting and Oil Blending

  Join Sarah and myself in the studio on Sunday, January 14th for an afternoon of setting intentions. You will also create a unique, essential oil blend that will support your health and intentions in preparation for the new moon on January 16th. New moons represent closing one door to open another, a new beginning,

Letter To Lacie

Dear Lacie; 2018 seriously! Are we really here already? Somehow I made it through Christmas and New Years eve without you and Kyle. I know I have a lot of support and so many people have reached out with positive words, and encouragement, and yet I still struggle. Every comment makes me cringe inside. They

How Using The Reiki Principles Can Change Your Life.

There are five principles that all students of Reiki training learn when they are studying to become a Reiki practitioner and master. They are very important principles to the life of a Reiki student, and to all people that are open and willing to use them. When I first began learning these principles I used