When you focus on love, love wins!


Why do we find it so necessary to talk about things that we don’t like or would like to get past?

I can be in the middle of a situation that I don’t want to be in and wish that I could change, and yet I talk about it repeatedly. I think we do this for a few different reasons, and it all depends on the person and the situation certainly.

Sometimes it might be that we want acknowledgement from someone else that we are right to feel traumatized and upset over whatever is bothering us, and so we keep ourselves stuck in victim mode by sharing it over and over again.

Another reason might be that we’re trying to make sense of the lesson in the situation and by sharing it with others we hope they might be able to show something back to us that we didn’t see before.

There are also those times it can be that we’re actually trying to clear that energy. We know subconsciously that if we hold onto it; we’ll stay stuck in it, and we want to move it up and out. What I have come to understand is that the longer you hold onto any situation and the more you share it, the longer you keep that energy alive and growing. If you want something to be over the best use of your energy is to move it up and out and then to let it go and let the Universe figure it out for you.

We often get caught up in drama, whether it’s a friend’s or something we see in the media, and we become upset, infuriated and we want it to change. I can certainly understand the need for those thoughts and feelings, but here’s the thing. As long as you are focused on that thing that you no longer want you give it your energy. That energy causes it to grow and evolve into something bigger and possibly worse.I don’t know how many times have I heard someone talk about someone else that they don’t like, and in the wishing that they could change that person and their opinion, they continue to bash them or the situation to try to make others see and become outraged.

This doesn’t do any good.

Do we need knowledge about the situation? Absolutely! However, I believe that we need to allow others to come to their own conclusions and figure things out on their own. We need to find our own resolutions and allow other people to do the same. To understand that not everyone will agree with me and understand my point of view and that’s okay.

I recently had a conversation with someone, and we talked about the previous week and the struggle I had gone through. On one level I know that I needed to purge it and allow it to be released. On another level I know that I need to now let it go, or I run the risk of staying stuck and I really don’t want that. So I’ve made a deal with myself to no longer talk about it, but to let it go. I’ve done my venting and now I am ready to move on. This way, I know that the Universe can bring me a new experience and new lesson to learn from.

As I stated in my last post, I am a willing student of life, and as long as I am willing to learn I make my life that much easier to navigate and to go from one lesson to another.

Let’s also take a look at politics because I see it happen so frequently there. There is a person running that you don’t want to win. However, instead of focusing on the people you do want and talking up their wonderful traits and why they would do such a good job; you bash the other person, point fingers and talk about what a horrible person they are. You are therefore creating that space where that person will get exactly what you do not want. They win. They win because you gave them the energy to do so. You and all the other people that are pointing fingers and talking about what a bad choice they are. You could have made better use of your energy and your God-given power by talking about the person you like instead.

When you focus on the negative, the negative will always win.

When you focus on love, love will win.



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