Be Patient And Enjoy The Dance.


Today is Winter Solstice.

It’s the first day of winter and marks the day when all the days after it begin to get a little longer, bringing us into the new life of springtime.
I look forward to this day every year, as it marks a turning point. The day when I can look forward into what the next season has to offer, while at the same time enjoying the stillness of the current one.
I think it’s important to recognize this. The excitement that comes from looking forward and anticipating what’s to come, while at the same time enjoying the perceived stillness of the current situation. Not just when it comes to the seasons obviously, but in any and every area of your life.
I heard a quote recently about dancing. It went something like this;

“The point of the dance is not to get to the end. The point is to enjoy the dance.”

This really resonated with me. How often do we hear that we need to enjoy the journey? I hear it often, mostly in my own head.
How many times have I told myself, especially over the past year that this won’t last forever and to enjoy it while it lasts. I’m talking of course about my forced stillness. This goes for every and any area of our lives though.
Life is movement, but sometimes it’s stillness. It is constantly changing and fluctuating and one of the biggest obstacles we create for ourselves is to keep waiting for the ‘end’ to arrive. The end being that destination that looks so good to you.

The destination might be the weight you want to lose, the soul mate you want to meet, the perfect career your searching for, whatever it is there is a purpose and a magic to the journey. There are lessons that you need to learn before you arrive at that perfect destination and if you don’t learn the lessons needed, you will continue to search and not find the destination your were hoping for. You may find you settle because you’re tired of waiting, but the waiting has a purpose.

I know I definitely need to learn patience. Patience will get us to our destination faster than struggling, pushing, and reacting. I know that sounds strange, but think about it. If you lose patience with the waiting, this is when you settle or make the mistake of trying to push your way through like a stubborn bull. What does this accomplish? You end up getting exactly what you don’t want. You end up gaining weight, or staying where you are while never learning how to love and appreciate yourself. You find yourself in yet another relationship that does not honour your soul. You accept a job that you don’t really want, because you feel desperate and rushed to jump in.

Slow down. This is what winter reminds us. Slow down and enjoy the stillness while it lasts. Before you know it we will be in the midst of summer, rushing and running, staying up later, enjoying new activities and all the wonderful things that come with it.

Be still. Be quiet. Be patient.

Much love and peace,

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