How I Intend To Make 2017 My Best Year Yet By Choosing Love.


Are you ready for 2017?
The better question might be, Is 2017 ready for you?
What story are you going to write in the new year?
How will your story unfold this year?
The truth is that none of us really know what life will bring us. However, we all have the power to make the choices that will make our journey so much easier.

When I choose to view through the lens of love, compassion and kindness for myself as well as others. When I set intentions and goals specific to my own journey and am willing to see things differently than the way they are presented to me in this moment, I allow space for miracles to be delivered to me.

As I prepare to ring in 2017 I ask myself how do I prepare? How can I  make sure that this year will be a great year?

I make the following commitments and intentions for this year;
I will learn my lessons from the past year and let go of judgement, judgement of myself and others. I will forgive. I will forgive myself for any perceived mistakes I made, judgments I had, and fear I held onto, and I will forgive others for not treating me as I wish they would have.
I will release the need to be right and to think I know what someone else should or should not do, and remember that their journey is unique to them and it’s none of my business how they live it.
I will remind myself that the opposite of this is also true for me. I am a unique individual with my own journey and perception and it is none of my business how others perceive me or think I ‘should’ live my life.
It is sometimes too easy to project my judgement on others and to take on their judgements. This year I intend to remind myself daily that this does not serve my highest purpose nor does it help the people around me.

I will remain curious about life. I can never know what life is going to bring me, I usually undersell it and myself. I promise myself that this year I will remain open, curious and say ‘yes’ to life more often, while also setting those important healthy boundaries, saying ‘no’ when I need to. I will honor myself when my feelings are saying; “don’t treat me that way,” “I don’t want to do that,” etc.

I will spend less time around people that drain me and I will always be conscious of the energy I take in from others, and responsible for the energy I bring with me.

I will acknowledge that I may not know what is around the corner, but regardless of the circumstances I may find myself in I will remember that I always have the ability to make a choice. I can choose to view through love or through fear. I can choose happiness or anger, frustration or acceptance. I have the God given ability to decide whether I will be strong and powerful or small and powerless. I get to choose through which lens I see others. I can view them through the eyes of judgement or compassion. I can acknowledge that if someone or something creates a reaction in me this year there is a reason. What is the reason? Why am I reacting this way? When I am open to these thoughts, I allow myself to learn a lesson, do some healing and move on.

This is not a resolution. I never really liked that word as it has taken on, for me a judgment of how I didn’t do things right in the past and probably won’t this time either. Rather, these are my intentions and commitments to myself. These intentions and commitments will help me to remain open and receptive to what life offers me this year while creating positive change.

I will also print this post out and keep it where I can remind myself often when I falter, as we all do and as someone once said;

“It’s not how many times you have fallen down, it’s how many times you get back up after being knocked down.”

I hope that you find your magic and miracles and that you remember who you are this year and always remember that you have a choice.

Much Love and Peace!

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