How To Stop Staying Stuck


You always have choices in this life. One of those choices is whether you wish to stay stuck in any challenging situation you find yourself in or will you choose to do the work necessary to make changes, look at yourself honestly, challenge what you think you know, trust the process and come out on the other side more empowered.

“Why do you think you’re healing so much better now? Why the shift?”

A friend asked me this question recently after months of back and forth, from feeling slightly better and somewhat hopeful to that deep ache in my back and sometimes down my legs which signalled that I needed to slow down yet again, I was finally starting to see the light. I am having more good days than bad. My answer at the time, was that I have had a few aha moments that have helped me see where I was stuck in certain areas of my life, places where I was holding onto energy and things that no longer served me. After reflecting on this a little more, I still believe that, but I also believe that the bigger picture, the biggest reason for the shift is that I am learning to surrender and let go. I have decided to stop trying to push through, but rather to allow the process to happen in it’s own way and it’s own time. It’s not that I’m anymore patient than I was before. I have a love/dislike relationship with that word. To me surrender and patience are not the same thing. Surrender is to let go and allow it to happen, trusting in the process. Patience on the other hand is to be okay with where I am and not concerned with how long it’s taking to get to the other side.
I am definitely not patient! I want the process to be over yesterday and get on with living my life. However, I have also learned that this is completely out of my hands and the only power I have is to surrender and trust that everything is happening as it should and for my highest good. I truly believe that out of this situation only good will come.
It’s obvious to me now that I had been pushing a situation that was no longer serving me. I was trying to keep something alive that I needed to either change or stop altogether. I’m still not clear on my destination and what to do next, but in surrendering. I trust that Spirit will lead me to the next right choice.

Stop Staying Stuck
I am learning the importance now more than ever of simply enjoying the moment and being grateful for all of the things that I take for granted every day, and there are lots! I am learning to let go of my attachments to material things, people and situations. It’s a very empowering feeling to let go of those attachments. It doesn’t mean you stop caring, it means you are no longer a co-dependant. Your happiness no longer requires a particular situation, thing or person.

You are happy because you choose to be.

I am learning to be in the moment. To enjoy whatever it is that I’m doing without letting my mind wander to the so many things I could or ‘should’ be doing. That in itself is very freeing and it really is meditation. Being focused and enjoying the moment, without thoughts of past or present.  Some days it is still struggle to keeping my thoughts centered on one thing, but that is life. That is the process. The important thing is that you try. Don’t beat yourself up when you fall down or don’t get something completely right.

Pick yourself up and try again.

We have up to 70,000 thoughts a day and 90% of those thoughts are about yesterday. One of the most empowering things I’ve learned – courtesy of Louise Hay – is that I can actually choose my thoughts. I can actually retrain my mind. This is good new! We no longer have to stay stuck in our own prison, our own hell. There can be a lot of comfort in staying there, because on some level we feel that we need to be punished for all the things we believe we have done wrong. But, trust me you don’t need to be punished.

Forgive yourself and make the commitment to focus on the good in your life. Believe that you deserve good.

A long time ago I became a believer of signs. I watch for them and I expect them to show up for me. Every day I pick an oracle card for myself. It is my way of tuning into my intuition and listening to the messages that Spirit has for me. My cards for today were from the deck by Colette Baron-Reid; Coming to the edge, in the reversed position, and All tied up, also reversed. The meanings for both are similar and very obvious to me. I am or have been keeping myself tied up in situation I can easily let go of by changing my thoughts. What I find interesting is that my thoughts have recently been around renovating my house, specifically my kitchen. My kitchen is the heart of the house, it is in the center and the place where we all gather, especially for family get togethers. What I take from this is that my subconscious is sending me signs to renovate my thought process. To let go and change my viewpoint. It is  entirely up to me.

Change your point of view. Focus on love. Both giving and receiving. 

I have been using the following mantra in my daily meditation to help me stay centered and surrendering to the process; “Slow and steady. Enjoy the process.”

Where do you need to renovate your thoughts? Where can you slow down in your life to surrender and trust the process? In the past I would have written this post in a day and posted it the same day. I always feel a rush to ‘get things done’.  As of now I am learning to slow down. I am taking my time and waiting a little longer. I edit a little more and add or delete things as I need to. I am savouring the process and allowing myself to listen to and trust my intuition, going with inspiration. There is a fine line I think between surrendering and procrastination and it’s something I give thought to often  and ask myself the following questions:

Am I ready or do I need more time?
Am I surrendering or am I procrastinating?

It’s most important to be honest with yourself and then being okay with whatever answer you get, not beating yourself up when the answer is not what you want it to be.

Much Love,

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