When Your Life Goes Off The Rails It’s Time For Silence.

Spiritual MaintenanceAt least for me it was anyway. Time to reflect, listen, cry, get really angry, yell, pull away, learn, beg and surrender. I’ve done a lot of surrendering!

I know it has been quite some time since we chatted. I haven’t been in contact with anyone because I’ve been using this time to take extreme care of myself. My life kinda went off the rails for a while and I needed some space to connect with myself in a very deep and meaningful way. That meant letting go of a lot of things that weren’t serving me as well as learning more about myself than I thought was possible. I’ve learned a lot!

I’ve been asked a few times what my plans are and honestly, right now I have no idea!
As I’m sure you know I had surgery last year to repair a bulging disc in my lumbar spine. That surgery went well, however when I tried to do anything I experienced a lot of pain all over my body, especially my upper back. Initially, I thought I was going too fast and my Doctor thought that it was inflammation, but after eight months post surgery, I realized that there had to be more to the story. I went in search of another opinion and I found Dr. Craig Schisler of the Schisler Spine Center in Windsor. He sent me for X-rays and found that my spine was a complete mess. All of the vertebrae in my lower spine were completely frozen and unmoveable. I also had scar tissue from the surgery of course and no support in my┬álumbar spine. My upper back was trying to carry all the load and this was causing me incredible pain. This needed to be fixed obviously, but I really wanted to avoid another surgery. Dr. Schisler recommended Spinal Decompression Therapy which has shown incredible results for his patients even after surgery. I have to say at first I was hesitant, but after listening to what he had to say and weighing my options I decided to give this a try. I left his office feeling the most hopeful I had been in a very long time.
We started with three months of therapy, twice a week on the hydrotherapy bed (which feels like heaven), followed by twenty minutes on the DRX machine follow by a gentle chiropractic adjustment. I have just recently finished my first three months and after taking a look at more Xrays we are very happy with my progress. I still have some work to do, but I’m progressing nicely. It is now time for me to become proactive in my healing and start gentle exercise. You have no idea how happy I was to hear that! It again will be a slow process and I will, of course, need to listen to my body and progress with caution, but after almost two years of no movement and a lot of resting, this was music to my ears.
I have since joined the gym in town where I can use the pool and do my physio exercises as well. I really needed to get myself out of the house and be around people again. I know many of the people there and they have been wonderful to me.
I am still healing. I am taking it very slow and I have no idea at this point what my future holds. I am taking it one day at a time and enjoying each and every moment.
As you know we are not guaranteed a tomorrow. We must make the best of the day we have right now and enjoy each and every moment and each person we feel connected to. Don’t waste a single moment to tell those closest to you how much you love and care for them.
I will try and keep you posted on a more regular basis and by all means please let me know how you’re doing. I miss you all very much!!
Jennifer xo

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