Welcome to Lacie’s Bracelets! My new shop and how it came to be.

On July 30th, 2017 my life was shattered when my beautiful sister Lacie, and nephew Kyle were killed in a tragic car accident on highway 401. My sister and I were very close and losing her ripped a hole in my chest. I need an outlet to help with my healing and my usual outlet; physical fitness is not available to me the way it used to be right now. I also need to be able to connect with my sister and to feel her close to me.

Making jewelry has been a hobby of mine since 2005, but my life kinda got in the way as it sometimes does for us all. I had put my jewelry supplies aside to pursue other endeavors. Making bracelets was also something my sister enjoyed very much and she made them often for herself as well as for family and friends. This tragedy has inspired me to get back to doing something I really enjoy; making jewelry. Getting back into my jewelry was a natural thing for me to do. It allows me that feeling of connection to my sister while also bringing me into a calm meditative state where I can converse with her.

After this tragedy, I felt I needed to find a way to pay tribute to my sister and her amazing spirit. It all has come about rather organically in the most amazing and magical way.  In honor of Lacie and her beautiful, amazing spirit I have created an Etsy shop in her memory. This will allow me to honor her while at the same time doing something I truly enjoy. It will also allow me to help spread a message of love.

There is a lot of fear in our world at this time which has manifested into so much anger, hatred, and separation. We see this in the media and in the world around us. This was something Lacie and I had discussed a lot and was something that really bothered both of us. This new endeavor will allow me to tap into my creativity while also sharing a message of love and compassion with others. I know she would have really liked that.

I invite you to visit the shop and I hope you enjoy the pieces that I have created. Each piece is created with all my love!
With Love,
Jennifer Wentzlaff

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