Cooking feeds your body, mind, and soul. It allows you to control the food you put into your body, connect with your family and friends over a home cooked meal, and save the money you might otherwise spend at restaurants or on processed, prepackaged foods. Believe it or not, making simple and satisfying meals from scratch doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some wonderful, easy and healthy recipes. You’ll find that eating healthy can also be delicious! Click on a category to find something you like and why not try something new?

Note: My thoughts on smoothies!
You’ll notice when perusing my recipes that I have some recipes for juices and smoothies. These are not meant to be a cleanse or detox, just a fun way to challenge yourself, and increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

A basic green smoothie is made up of 60% fruits, 40% raw greens, and some kind of liquid (ie. non-dairy beverage, fresh juice, coconut water, green tea, or simply water).

These smoothie recipes are not meant to be exact. Start by filling your blender cup or container with handfuls of greens, followed by the fruits, and lastly top off to about half or ¾ of the way with your liquid.

I encourage you to experiment in the kitchen. Everything was born from experimentation. Success is often born of failure. If you try something and it doesn’t work out, then you’ve learned how to not make that recipe. Try again in a different way or try your hand at something else. Have fun!