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Quinoa Veggie Salad (Cleanse)

I’ve been feeling the need to purge lately. Over the past six months I have tried to eat as healthy as possible under my circumstances. My husband, who has been doing all of the cooking has been pretty good about making me healthy meals. We’re not quite on the same page all the time when

Asian Noodle Salad

Well I’m slowly getting back up and around and able to do some small things around the house. Most of the time I still need help, but I have learned to accept it (something that has always been difficult for me).  I found this recipe online and wanted to give it a try so I

Quinoa Salad

Prep time: 15 minutes Yields: 8 people Ingredients: 2 cups cooked quinoa 1/2 cup chopped radishes 1/2 cup chopped cucumber 1/2 cup chopped celery 1/2 cup chopped red onion 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley 1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar Directions:  Combine all ingredients together in a large bowl

Broccoli Rabe

Prep time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Yields: 4 people Ingredients:  1 bunch broccoli rabe 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 cloves garlic, chopped Pinch of sea salt 2 tablespoons water Directions:  Wash broccoli rabe and cut stems into 1-2 inch pieces. Warm oil in pan and add garlic, sautéing for a few minutes. Add broccoli rabe and

Apple Choy Slaw

Prep time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 0 minutes Yields: 3 people Ingredients: 5 stalks of bok choy, chopped 1 granny smith apple, sliced 1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced 1/2 cup alfalfa sprouts (optional) Dressing: 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice) 2 teaspoons honey or brown rice syrup 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

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