Pineapple Mint Green Smoothie

Trouble getting in your fruit and greens? Not with this smoothie!


1 cup Pineapple. If using canned add the juice. (fresh or canned)
*1 cup water (If using fresh pineapple)
2-3 sprigs of fresh mint
1/4 – 1/2 cucumber
1″ of ginger
1/2 lemon


Add all ingredients to blender and pulse 2-3 times. Mix on high until blended.
Note: This has quite a bit of pulp. If you prefer less pulp run all your ingredients through your juicer.

Ayurvedic Smoothie

2-3 kale leaves
1 lemon
1 banana
½ inch piece of ginger, peeled
Pomegranate juice (optional)
Flax seeds (optional)
1-2 Tbsp chia seeds (optional)

Add all ingredients to blender, mix and enjoy!

Credit: The (smoothie challenge 2014)

Pineapple and Mint Smoothie

Healthy recipes1-2 Romaine lettuce leaves
1-2 Kale leaves
Handful spinach
1-2 sprigs of mint
Fresh pineapple
½ inch piece of ginger (peeled, if new to ginger use less)

Mix all ingredients in blender and enjoy!
Credit: The (smoothie challenge 2014)

Very Berry Shake

1 cup Almond milk (unsweetened)
1 scoop protein powder (organic Vegan)
* I used creamy chocolate protein powder by Xymogen
1 handful of greens (approx. 1 cup)
2 handfuls of frozen berries (approx 1 cup)
2 Tbsp flax meal
1 Tbsp organic nut butter

NOTE: Other optional ingredients can include organic or greek yogurt, hemp hearts, cocao nibs, and pretty much anything else you like.

Experiment a little and try something new!
1. Throw all the ingredients in a blender, mix and drink.