Welcome to my new website!

You will notice many changes here because I myself have gone through many changes the past couple of years. I have changed the focus of my website to reflect this.

My main focus right now will be on my blog posts. I have been given many signs lately that writing is what I am supposed to be doing and I am choosing to stop resisting. Be sure to take a look at my posts, I hope you find something helpful.

I have taken fitness training and classes off the menu. These are not being offered at this time. I am healing and I am in no way able to help others in this capacity right now. You will notice that I have added Lacie’s Bracelets, my new Etsy shop. This is a new venture, one which holds a very special place in my heart. For more information on what this is all about click here.

Lastly, Reiki, empowerment sessions and Angel card readings are here to stay. I will, of course continue to offer my Live Your Best Life workshop and will keep you posted as to the next start date.

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If you are at a point in your life that you recognize the need to make changes, and are willing to do so, I am here to help. I use a variety of modalities to help my clients ranging from nutrition coaching, Reiki and empowerment coaching, angel card readings and my Live Your Best Life Workshop. You can meet with me in the studio or we can meet over Skype or FaceTime from the comfort of your home.

Thank you for visiting. Click on the About Me tab to learn more about who I am and why I do what I do.

To learn more about the recent ‘break’ I’ve had to take you can read my blog post, When Your Life Goes Off The Rails It’s Time For Silence.

Much Love!