Be Patient And Enjoy The Dance.

Today is Winter Solstice. It’s the first day of winter and marks the day when all the days after it begin to get a little longer, bringing us into the new life of springtime. I look forward to this day every year, as it marks a turning point. The day when I can look forward

How learning to forgive can set you free.

Everything is forgivable. This may be hard to hear and you might want to jump into defensiveness and ask; “How can you forgive someone that has hurt you so terribly?” Forgiving someone does not mean that you are going to tolerate a specific behaviour in the present or condone past behaviour. Forgiveness is a necessary

When you focus on love, love wins!

Why do we find it so necessary to talk about things that we don’t like or would like to get past? I can be in the middle of a situation that I don’t want to be in and wish that I could change, and yet I talk about it repeatedly. I think we do this

Vegetarian Pasta Fagioli

This recipe was a lot of fun to make. It’s a wonderfully healthy and flavourful recipe. I love the colours and how everything mixes so well together. It’s not just tasty but so pretty to look at. This makes a nice, warm comfort food for those cold fall and winter days. Pasta Fagioli is vegetarian,

What I didn’t want was exactly what I got.

“A mind out of control will play interesting tricks on you; directed, it’s your greatest friend.” –Tony Robbins As I sit here writing this I am dealing with some pain once again. It’s not exactly the same as it was a few months ago thankfully. Its most likely my body letting me know that I

How I Used Affirmations To Change My Life

What are limiting beliefs? Limiting means to limit. To hold yourself back. To keep yourself stuck in the same cycle. A belief is something that either consciously or unconsciously you hold to be true. So if we put that together a limiting belief is any thought that you have, consciously or subconsciously that limits you

Homemade Taco Seasoning

I do not like using store-bought seasonings and sauces so I will make my own versions whenever possible. This recipe for taco seasoning is my favorite go to not just for tacos but for lots of other recipes as a well-balanced spice mix. You can make it as spicy or mild as you like. You’re

Quinoa Veggie Salad (Cleanse)

I’ve been feeling the need to purge lately. Over the past six months I have tried to eat as healthy as possible under my circumstances. My husband, who has been doing all of the cooking has been pretty good about making me healthy meals. We’re not quite on the same page all the time when

Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken

This is a really quick, easy and healthy recipe especially for those days when you seem to have no time and your rushing all day. It takes very little prep. Simply cut everything up, throw it in your crockpot and voila! Ingredients 1 red pepper, sliced 1 onion, sliced 1-2 tbsp homemade taco seasoning (click link

Asian Noodle Salad

Well I’m slowly getting back up and around and able to do some small things around the house. Most of the time I still need help, but I have learned to accept it (something that has always been difficult for me).¬† I found this recipe online and wanted to give it a try so I