Below you will find testimonials from some of my clients that have worked with me. If you would like to give a testimonial click here to fill out my testimonial request form. 

“Although I went to Jen for one reason, she helped me with so much more.  I feel I have made a true friend, not just a business transaction.

Jennifer taught me the importance of eating the right food and correct amounts and she taught me to get things (emotions) ‘out’ with journalling.  I am learning to let go of the ‘old stuff’ and become less negative and more accepting.  She is one of the most truly honest and caring people I have ever known.  She is compassionate and patient and is there to help by making you feel comfortable.  I would recommend Jen to anyone that truly wants to learn about healthy eating, nutrition and exercise.”

“Jennifer is an amazing person with a gift for bringing out the best in people.  After my very first meeting with Jennifer I immediately felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and I was excited to go back for another session.
Now a few months later I can say that I have never felt better, nor have I ever been this positive. If it wasn’t for Jennifer, I wouldn’t now be feeling so empowered to that point that I’m actually pursuing my dreams.
Jennifer’s principles and philosophies work because she shows you how changing the way you think will change the way you feel. She helps you become the best person you can be by opening you to a world of positivity and being there to guide you in a non-judgemental, peaceful and compassionate way.”

“I found the workshop positive and uplifting.  Jennifer is caring and compassionate.  The sessions always produced another layer of insight, even in issues that I had already explored.  The classes were well thought out and organized.  There was an environment of protected intimacy that allowed us to share and speak freely.  I found it informative and positive.  Thank you, “

“What a fabulous person Jen is.  She made me feel so relaxed.  It was a great way to feel.  There is more to life than the past.  I found myself seeing that I can be happy and like myself.  Also, being alone is getting to know who I am.
Fabulous 6 weeks!!”
-M. D