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Hi! I'm Chelsey

Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist,

Recovering Good-Girl & Joy-Enabler

Marble Surface

I've been on a long winding journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and radical self-love. Finally, in 2022 for the first time ever, my automatic thoughts to personal pain and struggle (aka my inner critic) were kind, compassionate and supportive.


2011 was probably my lowest of lows, although I experienced moments later on that I would, at the time, call lower lows I see it clearly now.

Physically I was the heaviest I'd been, completely burnt out (lethargic, exhausted and lived to sleeeeep), I was addicted to stress and misery, and I would day dream about debilitating or even life-ending accidents.

The hardest part to see now is that I had slowly normalized it. Sarcasm, sensual pain and numbing out in various ways had become my tools for survival. Cynical pessimism was the personality I embraced and even loved. I believed in the hustle culture completely and blamed myself for not being successful in the "rat-race" of societal ideals.

My personal ideal at the time was being "a good-girl in the streets and a bad girl in the sheets"


Marble Surface

Practice makes Progress.

Always keep choosing You.

Over the last 11 years I have been dedicated to my Self. I didn't recognize it for several years but I was slowly building a foundation within myself to lead a happy, healthy human life.

I gathered the knowledge to physically support my body in health and happiness.

I developed the mindset for creating health and happiness.

I learned the patience required to allow the fullness of my expression with movement, with my voice, with my art.

I'm developing the structure I need to support the embodiment of my wholeness

I'm a silver-linings-kinda-lady and I'm still training my ego to choose joy through it all.


I dream of providing relief. The core of every dream I envision is creating space for acceptance, creating space for growth, and ultimately creating space for a thriving symbiosis of humanity on Earth.

I'm a dreamer, a visionary and an joy-enabler. I want You to have everything your Heart desires and I'm going to begin with helping you build a Joyful Foundation for you to Thrive, however you choose.

Marble Surface

What I Specialize In

Re-Training the 'Inner Critic'

This is a practice of patience as well as an act of true Self-Love.

~Witness your thoughts with compassion.

~Learn your own self-love language.

~Retrain your thoughts with love and


Establish a Healthy-Eating Mindset

Healthy eating is about so much more than what you eat or how you eat.

~Let go of any shame or guilt around food and around your eating habits.

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

With Ease

With knowledge comes power; The power of choice.

~Learn to interpret your bodies signals.

~Discover how our current food and water climate is deeply impacting your ability to choose health.

Enabling Heart-Guided Decisions

Get to the 'Heart-of-the-matter'

~Our minds will tell us there is one path to our hearts desires. Truth is your intuition is your best guide.

~Get underneath the thinking mind and tap into your intuition.

Customized Personal Development Guide

~I'm here to guide you to your own inherent wisdom, help you interpret it, and co-create an action plan for integrating your body wisdom into you daily life, with ease!

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